How To Pack Your Car Seat For Travel. – Hauck South Africa

Posted by Dominique Bothma

If you are going on a family trip that will require you to use a car for transport once at your destination, It may be a good idea to take your car seat with you. This will eliminate the headache of trying to find a suitable rented car seat or having to buy a new one. Most airlines will let you take your car seat with you as checked in luggage. It is always best to confirm this with the airline you are flying with and what their requirements are.


Here is a step by step guide on how to pack your car seat safely to make sure it is not damaged.

STEP 1: Get a sturdy, double walled box. This box should be correctly sized to your seat. If you do not have the original box, you can call the manufactures for these details. * Please contact for box dimensions for all Hauck car seats.

STEP 2: Bubble wrap the seat. 2 layers should be sufficient and secure with tape.

STEP 3: It is always a good idea to use additional packaging products such as, packaging peanuts. This could be useful if you know that your seat will be changing planes during your journey.

STEP 4: Fragile stickers or even better, Fragile tape is an absolute must!

STEP 5: You have now done all you can for your seat packaging wise. Now the last thing to consider is to insure your car seat for the duration of your trip or not. It is always advisable to do so.



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