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  • ADAC testing- hauck Comfort Fix Set

    Posted by Dominique Bothma

    Stiftung Warentest test results


    Stiftung Warentest and ADAC have evaluated the hauck Comfort Fix Set with the test result "GUT" (GOOD) (11/2018 magazine). The Comfortfix Set is not only the best of the sets tested in the category infant car seats with Isofix base, but also the price/performance winner.


    We are enthusiastic about this award because we are one of the few providers that offer such complete sets and that have achieved such good test results in two categories at the same time.



    In addition, these results confirm that- with hauck- children are always safe during road trips while maximum safety is guaranteed in case of frontal or side impact.

     Press release hauck Sonnefeld, Germany 


     The following stroller sets have the Comfort Fix Car Seat:

    Maxan 4 Plus Trio Set

    Maxan 3 Plus Trio Set

    Soul Plus Trio Set

    Rapid 4 Plus Trio Set

    Rapid 3 Plus Trio Set




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