Hauck Quality, Responsibility and Safety – Hauck South Africa

Only the best for the little ones

… and for a happy baby smile

As young parents you are in good hands. You can rely on us as we give our best for the safety of your baby every day. In comparison to other producers, we are very proud that nearly all our products are marked with a GS sign.

When a baby is to be born, many new items are purchased. Parents want to know how and if the baby products were tested. We can assure you that all our products were tested by renowned national and international testing institutes, such as TÜV, SGS, LNE etc., and comply with international safety standards.

It is a long way until a product receives a testing mark. Our products are awarded with a TÜV sign from certified testing institutes when the safety of the device has been tested according to the respective standards.


We are not settled for the common safety checks. We are parents ourselves and the wellbeing of our children is our top priority. Therefore, we conduct additional technical and chemical checks (harmful substances, phthalates, PAK). We are one of few producers of children products that conduct these tests annually and permanently over the entire product life cycle. Only when these tests are passed are our products awarded with the GS sign and only then is our product offered in store.

These extensive tests cannot be taken for granted but for you and your child it is worth the effort. The safety and the wellbeing of your children are close to our hearts.