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Posted by Dominique Bothma

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Posted on behalf of Zayaan Schroeder who is a mother to two kids and is passionate about making their childhood memorable and happy. She has been a parenting journalist for 10 years and also runs a parenting blog called Surviving the Madness dedicated to making things easier for moms. You can follow her on Instagram www.instagram.com/survivingmadness

When you’re expecting a baby there are so many lists you can find online that tell you what you will need for baby’s arrival. A pram is usually high on those lists but not a lot of them consider baby wearing. Many people view baby wearing as a hippy concept but there are so many benefits to wearing your baby in a sling or baby carrier.

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A lot of online communities also put the two modes of transport against each other, but there is room for both prams and baby wearing in your life. For me baby wearing was beneficial both at home as well as being out and about. Let’s take a look at how baby wearing can change your life.


1. It’s a hands-free kit

The number one reason I loved baby wearing in the home was that it gave me the freedom to still get on with my life while keeping my babies close. In the early days your baby doesn’t want to be away from you so it’s easy to fall into a routine of getting nothing done. Because despite them actually doing absolutely nothing, they take up a lot of your time. So simple house chores like making supper and doing the laundry end up falling by the wayside. Baby wearing meant that at the very least I could eat something.

But where it really saved my life was when I became a mother of two. It is no small feat taking care of a newborn baby and a toddler, especially one who is inquisitive and rambunctious. And having my newborn in a baby carrier meant that I could still pay attention to my toddler who honestly was the one who needed the attention.

2. It helps to soothe baby

Another great benefit of baby wearing is that somehow they are blessed with magical sleepy dust. Because every time my baby was fussy or wouldn’t fall asleep I would pop her into the baby carrier and walk around a bit and she’d fall asleep within 5 minutes. The combination of being close to a warm body, being wrapped up tight and the motion of walking does wonders to soothe your baby whether it’s sleeping time or not.

3. Safety in public

Being out in public by myself with my kids makes me anxious to no end. There are so many stories of babies being stolen from under their mother’s noses while out shopping that I’m so paranoid of even having my kids in the trolley. Baby wearing meant I could keep my baby close and not have this worry.

It’s also a fantastic deterrent for keeping strangers with germy hands from touching your baby. Babies have very weak immune systems and pick up germs quite easily.

4. You can breastfeed discreetly

Many mothers also find that with baby wearing they can nurse discreetly in public without anyone even knowing what they’re doing, especially if you’re wearing them in a ring sling or wrap. It might take a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s really very handy. And you don’t have to cover your baby with a blanket!

5. Strengthens your bond

Overall it really just strengthens the bond between not only mom and baby but it’s also a great way for baby to bond with dad. In the first few months newborn babies are very dependent on their mothers and new dads can feel left out. So having dad wear baby whenever he can will strengthen their bond and also give mom that much needed break.